Property Leasing Services

Our Property Leasing service will help you secure good tenants. The rate for Leasing Services is 1 month’s rent.

Call Gerald at 717.799.1222 or request an initial consultation to find out if we might be a good fit for each other.

Comprehensive Rental Leasing Management

Our convenient leasing services can help you with rental marketing, lead management, showings, tenant screenings, and more.

Rental Marketing

Many owners under-advertise their rental properties and so do not reach potential tenants who would be willing to pay the highest available rent. With our marketing, your property will be listed on more than 50 rental websites.

Listing sites include:

  • Craigslist

Pricing Help
With more than 300 units throughout Lancaster County, we have properties of almost every type in almost every market throughout the area. This information combined with our expertise gives you assurance that we are making informed recommendations on how to price your rental property.

Rental Lead Management

With our industry-leading software, we ensure that every prospect who is interested in your property is contacted before and after a showing.

After the showing, we will contact the prospect on your behalf and prompt them to apply for your property.

This follow up assures that you won’t lose contact with prospective tenants who may have otherwise slipped through the cracks.

Conduct Showings

With our convenient showing software, prospects can schedule showings 24/7.


  • No more missed calls
  • No more emails that aren’t answered quickly enough
  • The prospect sets the schedule
  • We send them reminders leading up to the showing to make sure they are there and ready to see the home!

Tenant Screening

We go to great lengths to look into the background of prospective tenants to keep the odds of signing a problem renter very low.

Screenings include:

  • Credit checks
  • Criminal background checks
  • Rental references
  • Employment history

We also work with a pet screening company to ensure that all pets and/or support animals are properly and legitimately documented.

Lease Preparation

After a qualified candidate is located, we prepare a custom lease and collect deposits and first
month’s rent.

Many landlords will use boilerplate leases. With us, you will get a custom lease that has been modified and improved by us and our attorneys on an annual basis to reflect your property and needs.

You can be assured that your interests will be protected by our lease.

Pre Move-In Walk Through & Inspection

With each new tenant, we walk through the property to go over all aspects of the home.

We take photos of the property and make notes of any damage already there and the general condition of
the property.

This report is available to owners upon request.

This report is than used upon move out to assess any damages that need to be charged to the departing tenant and deducted from their security deposit.

About Our Team

Since our founding in 2009, the Trademark Property team has focused on helping both seasoned veterans and newcomers to real estate investment solve problems and find ways to make real estate ownership an enjoyable and profitable experience. Call us at 717.799.1222 to learn more.

Richard Glick
Richard Glick

Richard has lived in Lancaster City for 10+ years and specializes in rentals and investments throughout Lancaster County.

Chad Hurst
Chad Hurst

Chad has been a real estate agent for 20+ years and specializing in investment properties and sheriff’s sales.

Gerald Stoltzfoos
Gerald Stoltzfoos

Gerald is a F&M graduate and has been a licensed property manager for over 10 years. Gerald runs the daily operations at Trademark Lancaster, which he and Chad co-founded in 2009.

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We understand the Central PA real estate market and will use our property management expertise to help you maximize your real estate investment.

Call Gerald at 717.799.1222 or contact us to schedule a consultation.

Common Questions Property Owners Ask Us

How are repairs handled?
We use Property Meld, an online tool that allows tenants to submit a work order. We then quickly get that transferred out to the field within minutes. As the owner, you can stay as involved and in the loop with tenants, our field techs, and the property managers as you would like. From scheduling to communication between tenants and vendors, it’s all done on Property Meld.
How are utility and other bills paid?
We will pay all bills and invoices for your property. We will also invoice tenants and collect payments when necessary.
How is rent collected?
Tenants have several convenient methods to pay rent:

1) Auto-draw from their checking account, debit or credit card.

2) Cash pay service where they have the option of going to a local business and paying there. Offering multiple options lessens tenant excuses and provides every opportunity to pay rent on time.

Why Do Property Owners in the Lancaster Area Work With Us?

It’s simple: Happy tenants are good tenants! Property owners in the Lancaster area rely on our experienced team to streamline rent payment, repairs, and other aspects of owning a property that benefit both owners and rental tenants.

“Always respond to repair calls fast, they send out real professionals to assess any issues. There is no hassle, you can put your requests, pay rent, and contact them all online.”

Jennifer Leigh (Google review)

“Management continues to be responsive to our needs and requests. Been here 3 years now and have enjoyed the experience. Love the community and the property.”

Christian Salisbury (Google review)

“Management very professional, all locations are superb, and if any issues arise Trademark team will resolve expeditiously!!!”

Eric Leed (Google review)

Service Area

We work with landlords and property owners throughout Central PA, including:

  • Lancaster
  • Manheim Township
  • New Holland
  • Mount Joy
  • Lititz
  • Landisville
  • Strasburg

Contact Us for an Initial Consultation

If you own property in the Lancaster/York/Harrisburg area and could use some reliable help managing your properties, we’re here for you.

Call Gerald at 717.799.1222 or contact us to schedule a consultation.